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Samantha, you ask a truly great question. It had me thinking for a couple of days. But first, I enjoy your blog! I just want to say that I have said a prayer for you and hubby as you witness at the zoo. I hope you will blog about it! Now...

Samantha: Does this verse mean angels help those who are going to receive salvation? The unsaved who are not yet saved?Or are they for both the saved and the "soon to be saved"?Hmm....what do you think?

After some prayerful thought on this, I'm thinking this way...

Angels are eternal creatures and do not experience life and death the same way we do, so the same angels that were in existence during the creation are still in existence today. So, I'm thinking that God prepared the angels to be ready for all His children as the ages pass. God foreknew those who will become Christian, certainly, therefore God prepared angels to protect on a continuing basis as humans reach the age of understanding and then put their allegiance in Jesus. That's about as far as my thought process has gotten :)

Sonya, you are a precisous sister and I do so much enjoy your blog!

Sonya: I know angels are real (because the Bible tells us so), but I'm not quite sure what their role is in my everyday, ordinary, going to work, coming home, surfing the net - life. Do you think they watch over each of us personally? Or do you believe they handle God's 'heavy lifting'only ?

I hang onto the fact that God has my best interest deep in His heart. I have experienced so many close calls such as near misses in car accidents, trips and falls, stupid mouth syndromes that I cannot help but recognize God's hands in my life. Whether He uses angels (which means messenger) or not, I don't know. I do know beyond doubt that I have felt God's hand on me in my deepest despair and Jesus' presence during that same period. So, I think God is hands-on in our lives and most likely uses angels in the Spiritual War that goes on around us without us really knowing its extent.

Gotta run... my Intended is taking me out to dinner for my birthday which is next week. Life is good!
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