Well, we have hope.

It is an amazing thing how hope can transform attitudes into praising and how hope can take despair and shred it, refold it and unfold it into joy.

Dr. Meyer gave Mom hope about her eyesight today when he said he thought he could help her. Doesn't sound like much, but those words moved a mountain. The trouble with her sight is some fluid buildup and it is not macular degeneration in her left eye. It is in her right... but, not the left so that means this...

Her eyesight can come back!!!

With macular degeneration, once sight is lost for any significant length of time, it cannot come back.

So now, we will put drops in her eye for two months and come back to Memphis for a check and for an injection of a new type of medication. We are praying that this will help her to keep the sight in her left eye and that will mean she can keep her independence and that is such a good thing for her. Praise God... He is so good and He answers prayer and it is all for His glory! AMEN.
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