A Letter To God

Dear God...

My heart overflows with everything you have given me. Lord, you know my needs...I've brought them to you. You also know the desires of my heart. This, my dear Father, is a love letter to you.

I love so much the way you answer prayer, the way you keep me aligned with you. I love the way you remind me when I'm being selfish, Your gentle chiding. I love the way you reach out and fix things for the ones I pray for and for answering the prayers of others when they pray for me. I love the way you open each wonderful day whether with rain or shine with such radiant color. Thank you, Father for putting that mourning dove outside my office window!

I love the way You take seriously the times when little irritating things happen and You help me find my keys or that time I lost my necklace and especially that time I locked the keys in the car with a huge pot of gumbo in it. Thank you for making all the lights green when I was late for work! Thank You for helping me with my selling skills so I could put food on the table.

I love the way You helped me during my divorce and the 20 years that led up to it. Most especially, Father, thank you for healing me from it. Thank you for the forgiveness through me that you extended to him.

Oh, dearest Father, I love the way you touch my heart when someone is hurting... I love the way You nudge me awake and put someone on my mind to pray for, those moments are so precious. I love the way You do not hold it against me when I slip back into sleep.

I love the tears that come to my eyes when I in awesome wonder at the beauty of song and worship of You. I love the words you gave David in the Psalms... especially the ones where he got mad at you and the ones when he was in despair because almost immediately after that comes the Praise and Joy of knowing You. And, dearest Abba Father, thank you so very much for the gift of this new and wonderful Sunday School class. Thank you for trusting me with the teaching of Your Word, for the Spiritual gift and motivation and the sheer Joy that You shower on me as I prepare and as I teach.

Lord, only YOU could have known how much I needed these past few months…
No matter how needy I am, You supply. That is so incredibly wonderful. You never tire of me, even when I tire of myself. I get so teary-eyed when I think about how blessed I have been this past year. I so much love the way You work in my life. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. Thank You for the beautiful gift of love You gave me, I treasure it and him. Thank you for those refreshing waters that continually pour from the Rock!

I love the way you looked down on me, a little six year old and gave me the understanding that I would never be able to live without You or Your love. I love the way you talk to me when I read and study Your Word and Your love letter to us all. Thank you Father for telling me to "Be still and Know that You are God..."

I love you for the gift of discerning Satan's lies. I pray Lord, that You touch each person's heart that comes to my blog.... Thank you for giving me the time to go there and to witness for you as well as minister to your children. I pray, Lord, that You shower them with Your blessings, that you open the windows of heaven and showers of blessings pour out upon them. I ask You to touch them with Your gentle hands and draw them closer to You. Let them know You are there, holding them up in the hard times and rejoicing with them in the good times, ever stretching their soul to fit Your eternal purposes. Keep them safe until I can finally meet them in the air, forever together with You.

Your loving servant and daughter,
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