I was FIXIN' to...

Y'all do know what that phrase fixin' to means, right? It means:

Announcement, I am about to gear up into action so watch out and get out of my way...

So I was fixin' to cry on your shoulders and ask for prayer and tell you that my world had just exploded into tiny little pieces because my beloved doesn't want me and doesn't want to marry me. Sigh... But, then I decided that God's Will be done and God always, always , always, always turns the bad into something wonderful for those who love Him. So... I decided I wanted to make you smile, instead :)
I think, I now have a smattering of an understanding of Jeremiah 22:10

Weep not for the dead, nor moan for him; weep bitterly for him who goes away, for he shall return no more, nor see his homeland.

I know what you are thinking...

Gina! This post and the pictures don't match! Well, of course they don't match because within myself I am so conflicted. I am at wonderful peace and I can laugh about so many wonderful things. But, I am crying at the same time. Now... how can that possibly go together in a perfectly blended picture?

It can't. Therefore I laugh and I weep for him who has gone away. It was his choice. I must deal with it and I know that whatever happens, God will make it good.

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