Be more perfect

I promise I did not peek ahead to see what our Bible Study was going to be about tonight.

We are doing Daniel by Beth Moore. (I am beginning to wonder if there is anyone else who writes Bible Studies... don't get me wrong. I really like Beth, but I'm starting to read the Bible with a Texas accent!)

I highly recommend this study!

Have you thought about the Babylon we live in today? Our culture is so anti-God and pro-satan, it makes me shudder.

We are fascinated by Image. We must be thin as those anorexic models and we do not have the luxury of the airbrushed photos to take away those wrinkles or those age spots or those zits on the tip of our nose. No wonder we ask, "Is that real?"

We are called out of the darkness and into the Light. We have been saved from the darkness and we should rejoice in God's power and might. We are Holy because God is Holy and He has called/declared/consecrated us Holy. And therefore, we should act like it, don't you think?

I am still a Christian under construction... but... I am still Holy... or, as the Bible puts it I am a peculiar person. A saint. Set apart. Perfect because Jesus willingly stayed on that cross all the while looking at the joy beyond. Not on-my-own-perfect as Samantha and Pia pointed out, but perfect because of what Jesus did. He filled in the God-sized hole when He sent the Holy Spirit to us and I am sealed with, by and through the Holy Spirit. Consecrated. Justified. Through absolutely nothing that I did or am doing. Isn't that the most amazing thing? What could be more perfect than that? Posted by Picasa
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