Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

Praise Him -- There are times of grief and there are times of crying.
Praise Him --There are times of praying and there are times of answering.
Praise Him -- There are times of waiting and there are times of rejoicing.

Yesterday was such a day for me.

Up at 5:30 AM (normally I get to sleep until 7:00 AM--call me sluggabed if you like, I don't care.)
Drive an hour and 20 minutes to Monroe to Mom's eye doctor. Work on a project on my laptop while Mom sees the doctor. Mom's eyes are stable, no bleeding, we go to see another specialist in Memphis, TN on the 15th. Okay. I can handle that... trusty laptop in tow, I can work anywhere! Thank you, God for giving me the wisdom to give myself a laptop as a graduation present. Thank you, God for making Mom's eyes stable. Thank you, God for putting me here so I can take care of her and for taking care of me in Your own wisdom and for Your own glory.

9:30 AM Cracker Barrel breakfast... nuff said.

10:30 AM Go to hospital and see wife of dying friend. I know the friend is going to Heaven. No crying there. But, as we visited in the hall, Carl can't have visitors, Linda almost broke down and cried. I wanted to weep. I understand that kind of grief! It just broke my heart. It brought back so many memories that just flooded my soul. As we walked down the hall to the elevator, I wept. I told Mom it was all I could do not to cry like a baby right there in front of Linda. I ache for her, because I know the loss. A fellow was walking in front of us and went down the same elevator we took. As we headed out the door, he patted my shoulder and said, "We'll be praying for y'all."


"We'll be praying for y'all," he said. A brother in Christ that I had never seen before, nor likely to see again until Jesus comes to get us, and the Holy Spirit in him, reached out to comfort the Holy Spirit in us. What a beautiful hug from God!

Our music director, Glen Roberts, got a call last week from the doctor's office concerning a couple of spot on his liver that showed up in the MRI done because of his stomach problems and chest pains. Many anxious days latter we find out that the spots are nothing and he gets "the little purple pill" for his stomach problems.

You guys in the big city or in non-agricultural parts of the country don't have a clue as to the sheer lethal properties of all these chemicals we are subjected to. It is supposed to be non-hazardous, but the crop dusters have been spraying the air with these chemicals since the 50s. More cancer per capita than any other area of the country is why we are dying like flies around here. WHICH is why we cringe and fall to our knees every time a doctor finds a "spot" anywhere on anyone. We forget modesty when things like this happen.

But... we also remember there are worse things than death, so we trust in God, love our siblings and we pray, knowing that God will answer. He's never failed us yet.
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