I am intensely jealous

I am not envious. I am intensely jealous. There is a distinction, there.

Being envious means that you want what someone else has and really don't care that you would be depriving them of it while you acquire it. Being jealous means that you either want something like it or you are guarding it so the wicked won't steal it.

I am jealous because this morning a sweet and dear friend got to hug my beloved Jesus and to hug my daddy.

I've forgotten where I heard this story (or read it) so I can't give any credit for it where credit is due, I am sorry...

A missionary and his wife had spent all their years in service to the Lord in a very dangerous situation. Always walking on egg shells lest they say something that would land them in prison or get them beheaded... but, ever so carefully they witnessed for Jesus, guiding others to the cross so they, too, might enjoy the Joy beyond that dear sacrifice.

After years and years of service, they finally were able to retire. They got on plane after plane to make it home and wound up in an airport in New York stepping foot on American soil for the first time in several years. On the same plane was a fellow who had won a medal of some kind. The press were estatic to see him, fawned all over him, asking questions, camera lights flashing and he was carried out to a parade. People lined the streets cheering him as he was carried down the street.

The missionary put hands on hips and grumped. All the while they were finding a place to live he grumped. Finally, after several weeks, his wife said, "What is the matter with you?"

"After all the years we sacrificed and worked for the Lord, there wasn't even one person there at the airport to welcome us home. Not one person to cheer us for all the work we did. I just can't get over that!"

"Well, go talk to God about it. Tell Him how you feel, because He knows already. Just talk to Him."

"All right. I will."

The next morning, "Well, what did He say?"

Sheepishly, the missionary grinned at his wife, "Well, hon, He said that we aren't home yet."


I know that my dear friend got a ticker tape parade. I know that Jesus was so very glad to see him. I know that he has no more tears, no more pain (he was in very severe pain from the cancer). I know that he has a huge smile on his face and that he is rejoicing with friends and family that went on before him. I want that, too. Life is so much better there than here. But, I must endure the pelting rain for a while longer.

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