Christian Single Women... good news!

I was doing some research... trying to find out a good guesstimate of how many Christian women are in the States when I ran across this article in Boundless Webzine by Candice Watters. Regardless of the title Plenty of Men To Go Around, I was amazed and saddened to note there are 11 to 13 million more Christian women than Christian men. But wait!

It raised a horrendous question in my mind that the article addresses several paragraphs later. Should young women give up the Biblical principle of refusing to be unequally yoked and just find a nice, moral young man to marry with hopes of eventual conversion? I choked. Being the recipient of alcohol induced abuse and continual verbal abuse towards me and my daughters, I blanched at the thought.

I continued reading.

Those stats were from 2000. The new 2006 stats state that the gap is closing fast. There are just under 30 million single never before married men in the States compared to 23 million single never before married women.

In fact, the gap between never-married Christian men and never-married Christian women was closed and passed because according to "Barna's most recent faith percentages to the totals for never-marrieds, you come up with 12,120,000 never-married Christian men for 11,590,000 never-married Christian women — a variance of 1,530,000 more Christian men."

In fact, the age group where the women out number the men is at age 75!

I am amazed and delighted. For years I've believed that there are no really good Christian men that are unattached out there. God found me one (albeit he is stubborn and needs some God-tutoring right now). Actually, God brought him to my church and into my life without the first effort on my part.

Listen girls... there is no excuse for settling for less! Stick to your Biblical principles and let God work His mighty ways in your lives.
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