Something That Lasts

Something That Lasts (click on the title to buy the book)

Let me just say that I did like this book. It has a poignancy in it's story line that pierces my heart. It is well written and it has fairly good characterizations. In other words, I cared about the people in the story.

The story is woven around a minister's weakness to temptation and the forgiveness that is necessary afterwards. Honestly, though, I have a huge problem with people who do not forgive and still call themselve Christians. I completely understand that it takes years to forgive serious infractions upon a person's trust. I know because I lived it. However, if you see change in that person, I have a problem with making that person pay over and over for a crime. God is not like that and He expects us to immulate Him. I just had to say that. Now... I had that opportunity to chat with James David Jordan and asked him a few questions...

Gina: I am always interested in what authors learn about God while writing their stories. James, what did you learn about our Father and how has that impacted your life since?

James: The biggest lesson that I learned from writing Something That Lasts is not to be afraid to fail when I'm attempting to do something that glorifies Christ. In the book industry, there is always someone around who is willing to tell you that you will fail. I finally decided that it didn't matter. If my purpose was to glorify Christ, my book could flop, but I wouldn't be a failure in God's eyes. (And, what a miracle, Something That Lasts has been a great success! I never really counted on that.)

Gina: In light of your story, what bit of advice would you give to a just married couple or a couple that would be married soon?

James: For new couples, my advice is (1) marriage will be the greatest thing that ever happened to you; (2) go into it with the view that you have committed not only to your spouse, but to God, to make it work, even through the tough times; and (3) there is no substitute for a positive attitude and good sense of humor in a marriage.

Gina: Do you have plans for your next book? Would you share them with us?

James: My next book is a love story wrapped in a Christian action thriller. The lead character is a young woman whose father made a great sacrifice for her. She is a former Secret Service agent and can really take care of herself. When she's thrown together with a prominent minister who has received death threats from a terrorist group, she learns to understand more about the concept of sacrificing for others. Very fun to write!

Thanks again for your nice note. I'm glad you enjoyed Something That Lasts. Please tell your friends about it.

James talks about Something That Lasts on his website. He makes a promise...

My promise to you, as always, is to do my best to write entertaining,
page-turning stories that will help you explore and grow in your faith. Thank
you for visiting my web site, and thank you for your support of
Something That

We'll be praying for you to keep that promise, James!

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