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I was watching a feature on the Bible Code last night while I was ironing. (I do not want to hear anyone telling me to buy permanent press... I actually like to iron clothes.)

The incredible thing about this Bible Code thing is that these computer scientists have confirmed several events after the fact such as the assassination of Rubin and Osama Bin Laden being the author of the 9/11 horror. They have also found several heads of state associated with Bin Laden in that horror... even whole sentences instead of the two or three words as before.

The question asked was, "How much more horror does the future hold?"

I snorted at that question. Good grief! Didn't the documentary people read the back of the book? Don't they know that God wasn't cryptic about the tribulation to come? Does God only get His message across by embedding futuristic messages in His word? Come on, people, wake up! The coffee is boiling on the stove.

I have no problem what so ever believing that God Almighty knows how everything will turn out and that He provided a way to reveal Himself as the One True God by embedding far into the future events in His Word 6000 years ago. No problem.

While they were blathering about what kinds of things did God not mean for us to know... I was shouting at them, "Don't you GET IT?"

God is revealing Himself in such a Wonderous Way. It isn't a miracle. It isn't a Blinding Light on the road to Damascus. It is part of His character. He is omniscent. He knows everything past, present, future and He did this so that when Man got too big for his britches and invented these faster than light computers, Man would find something far beyond his own capabilities. God.

It doesn't get any better than that.

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