Road to Damascas

I have posted the piece before... I am posting it to preach to myself. You just happen to be invited to the sermon...

Oh, I've been on that road to Damascus many times... breathing fire and murder as my fingers furiously typed out Truths in bold italics, thinking all the while that the receiver of my posts deserved the blistering I meted out. Yet, that still small voice was whispering in my ear urging me to "Breathe, Gina, breathe" and then I would sit back appalled at my vindictive verbiage barrage. How could such a sweet and loving person spew out all that sharp and jagged-edged shrapnel? No. Absolutely not! That did not honor God in the least and it was I who pounded those nails as I pounded the keyboard. Yea, I walked down that road which wound through the valley of spurs and loose swords slicing and dicing my brothers and sisters in my full-blown anger at my perception of their "blatant stupidity". Sigh... Where was the satisfaction? And there was none. Only empty holes where "righteous" indignation had reigned... deep pits where the witness program (founded by a committee of One) of God's Word and my heart had somehow slipped out of gear allowing something else control of my brain. "Out dam-ed spot, out I say!" And yet, the stain of my lack of self-control spreads across that place where Jesus is supposed to reign. Was it Truth? Yea, it was. Was it Love? Nay, it was not. Then it was not good. Nay, it was not good, nor was it safe for the reader.

I think I get it now. Truth is rarely safe but always Good. Some are never ready for Truth no matter how it is served. However, the thoughtful Truth clothed in Love is always Good but may not be safe or unsafe and is absolutely dangerous to evil for it shines the light in all the corners of the heart.

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