Each Gift is of Equal Value

All gifts are of equal importance to the body of Christ. Look back at Romans chapter 12. In a few words briefly recap verses 3-5 in the space provided.

3 I'm speaking to you out of deep gratitude for all that God has given me, and especially as I have responsibilities in relation to you. Living then, as every one of you does, in pure grace, it's important that you not misinterpret yourselves as people who are bringing this goodness to God. No, God brings it all to you. The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what he does for us, not by what we are and what we do for him. 4In this way we are like the various parts of a human body. Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole, not the other way around. 5The body we're talking about is Christ's body of chosen people. Each of us finds our meaning and function as a part of his body. But as a chopped-off finger or cut-off toe we wouldn't amount to much, would we? So since we find ourselves fashioned into all these excellently formed and marvelously functioning parts in Christ's body, 6let's just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren't. The Message, NavPress

Is he telling us not to be prideful about our abilities? Absolutely and he is also telling us that in Christ, each gift is His own very special gift to each one of us. Whichever motivational gift you have been given was granted in order to fully do those works which were planned for you by God from the very foundation of the world without getting tired or burned out.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Eph 2:10

This tells us that God is very specific about what we are to do for Him. He is so specific that He gives us the motivation to do what He has planned all along for us. The highest motivation should be because we desire to please Him. This is one of the things that God desires most from us…the choosing to do His will and the exercising of our own free will to follow His plan for our lives.

Just for grins... think of a job in your church that you would just love to do. Are you currently doing that job? If not, why not? Our motivational gift is the "want to" in God's work.

Below I've listed each:

PERCEIVER-- Declares the will of God - Spiritual - Keeps us centered on spiritual principles
SERVER-- Renders practical service - Practical - Keeps the work of ministry moving
TEACHER--Researches and teaches the Bible - Mental - Keeps us studying & learning
EXHORTER -- Encourages personal spiritual growth - Psychological - Keeps us applying spiritual truths
GIVER -- Shares material assistance - Material - Keeps specific needs provided for
ADMINISTRATOR -- Gives leadership & direction - Functional - Keeps us organized and increases our vision
COMPASSION/MERCY -- Provides personal and emotional support - Emotional - Keeps us in right attitudes & relationships

So how do we know the function of each gift? Because God has infused His word with many examples of each gift and we Christians are the illustrations of them. When you finish this study you will be amazed at how well you understand your brothers and sisters in Christ. You will be astounded as you hear someone say something and just know which motivation they are speaking from. God is so amazing to give us this insight to each other!

I know that if we understood each other's motivations better, there would be a great deal more unity in the body.  Continue Study...


Clark for Christ said...

Thank you for your service through this well organized work! I searched the web for biography of exhorters and found your comments on lifeasif.org. I am now going through the study in hopes that the entire study is as insightful as the exhorter's commentary i found. I am sure it will be. Is there a workbook version available for our church? God increase your ministry, Clark Jordan.

Refreshment in Refuge said...

Hi Clark ;)

I worked very hard on a work book with the authors Katy and Don Fortune's permission... but it was only for a discipleship training class at my church. Dotted through out this study, you'll find the link to their website where you can purchase their book. They did not have a work book back in 2006, but they may have one now.