The 7 Highly Effective Motivational Spiritual Gifts

I wrote a Bible study several years ago from some of Charles Stanley's sermons and from a book written by Katy and Don Fortune called Discovering Your God-Given Gifts located at


The following are some personality traits which some have suggested to be prevalent in those who have displayed various spiritual gifts. Answer each honestly as how you would react in general or how you would “usually” react in a given situation and not how you “might act” in that specific situation. Answering honestly may assist you in evaluating the presence of a particular gift.

1 – I prefer speaking to a group over individual interaction with a person.
2 – I have difficulty with being sensitive to and patient with individual’s problems.
3 – I am not afraid to tell a person something that I know might hurt their feelings or even make them angry with me but will eventually help them to be a better person.
4 – I am often impulsive, making quick decisions and acting on them.
5 – I tend to go to extremes on things; no grey areas, just black and white!
6 – I am a very open and direct person. I don’t like to “beat about the bush”.
7 – I am not hesitant to speak or give my opinion when in a group discussing some topic.
8 – I am able to speak well and am very persuasive. I would make a good sales person.
9 – I can sometimes be overbearing in making a point.
10 – I just can’t let a conversation end without coming to some sort of conclusion.
11 – Once I make a decision, I am not easily swayed from my opinion.
12 – I am often aware of when a person is hurting inside. I just seem to be able to tell.
13 – When faced with a task, I tend to more than is necessary as opposed to doing “just enough.”
14 – When faced with a task, I tend to do more than is necessary as opposed to delegating the responsibility to anyone else. This way I know it is done properly.
15 – I have a hard time saying “no” when asked to do something.
16 – I dislike “organization” and “procedures”; I just like to get the job done.
17 – I almost never leave a task until it is done.
18 – If I were performing a task and I ran out of resources, I will usually use personal funds to complete it before I left it undone.
19 – I am somewhat impatient with “logical and cautious” thinkers.
20 – I am not frightened or concerned about tackling major projects, even though they may seem impossible to accomplish.
21 – When dealing with a task, I frequently tend to concern myself with “end goals”, often overlooking “details” as unimportant.
22 – I am not easily swayed by present circumstances.
23 – I feel that accuracy is very important; I dislike speculation. If I can’t prove it, I forget it.
24 – I enjoy looking up fact and doing research.
25 – When involved in a discussion, I usually will stick to one topic and am annoyed when someone tries to jump from topic to topic.
26 – I am an organized person…everything has its place and is in its place.
27 – Sometimes I get “bogged down” with details when performing a task.
28 – In any given instance, I may know the right thing to do, but will not always do it. I don’t always practice what I preach.
29 – I tend to look at everything from a biblical point of view, trying to answer questions from my biblical understanding. If I can’t find the answers, I will usually research the subject in the Bible.
30 – I tend to do a lot of “studies” and accumulate notes, even though I have not immediate place to share this information.
31 – If something interests me, I will usually look up some information on it to learn more about it.
32 – I enjoy reading.
33 – I spend much of my reading time in nonfiction material.
34 – I can often relate to what a person is going through when they are hurting.
35 – I am often told by others that I frequently “say the right things at the right time.”
36 – When assembling something I usually will jump right in there and start to put it together. Then, if I run into a problem, I sit down and read the instructions.
37 – Often when someone is telling me their problems, I know what the problem is before they are finished. It is as if I knew what they were going to say before they say it.
38 – I work better on a one-on-one basis than I do with a group.
39 – When confronted with a problem, I try to analyze it on a spiritual plane using biblical principles as rather than using available facts.
40 – When ministering to a person who is hurting, I frequently get so involved, I almost make the problem my own.
41 – I tend to over simplify problems
42 – I frequently identify emotionally with people who are hurting.
43 – I can easily visualize steps and/or goals for others to follow when they are having problems.
44 – I tend to have difficulty with studying the scriptures in depth because of a greater concern for practical application of surface reading.
45 – I am usually successful with anything I try to do.
46 – When it comes to my time, energies and/or money, I am usually very selective in my support of any programs.
47 – I really dislike it when someone tries to use pressure to “sell” me something.
48 – When someone tries to “pressure” me into supporting a program, I will usually refuse, even if that program is good.
49 – I will usually support something because of it’s own merit and not on the recommendations of others no matter who they might be.
50 – If I think that some program has merit, I will support it even if it is unpopular and no one else supports it.
51 – If I don’t believe in a program but everyone else does, I will usually donate something to it or give some of my time just to help out.
52 – I can usually sense when a person is in need of something.
53 – I always listen to the Holy Spirit’s urgings about supporting anything or any program.
54 – My initial “feelings” concerning supporting a program or not are usually correct.
55 – I am a tither.
56 – I am not afraid to accept responsibility for something that has gone wrong.
57 – I work well with people and in organizations.
58 – I enjoy playing “team” sports like softball, basketball or volley ball.
59 – Once I see a goal, I am not easily “side-tracked” from accomplishing that goal.
60 – I almost never leave a job unfinished.
61 – I am well aware of my abilities and when I come up against a responsibility that is above my abilities, I have no problem in delegating it to someone who does have the abilities.
62 – I am not afraid to delegate responsibility.
63 – I am not afraid to take the lead position.
64 – I usually always have something going on. As soon as I finish one job, I’m looking for another.
65 – In my daily occupational responsibilities I have a supervisory position.
66 – If there is a job to be done, and no one steps forward to do it, I usually begin on my own to organize to get it done.
67 – When I see people hurting, I usually hurt with them.
68 – Some people get jealous when they see someone get a break. I actually feel happy for him.
69 – I seem to be attracted to people who have problems.
70 – Some people get uncomfortable when they are around a physically or mentally handicapped person, I usually am not.
71 – I tend to be protective of those who are hurting or having a hard time.
72 – I usually lack firmness when dealing with others.
73 – I can usually tell if a person I being honest with me.
74 – I frequently get upset with a “harsh” person who is dealing with another who did something wrong, even when they are justified in their actions and the other deserves a harsh reprimand.
75 – I am usually on the side of the “underdog”
76 – Generally, I am a cheerful, non-condemning compassionate and sensitive person.
77 – I have a tendency to be indecisive.

Prophecy……………………………………………………1 – 11 _____
Server ……………………………………………………...12 – 2 _____
Teaching …………………………………………………..23 – 33_____
Exhortation ……………………………………………... 34 – 44_____
Giving ………………………………………………………45 – 55_____
Administration …………………………………………..56 – 66_____
Mercy ………………………………………………….......67 – 77_____
Put a T beside each True-for-you statement. If the statement is False-for-you, then it doesn't count. Total up all the True statements in each group of questions and put the total in the blank beside the group.

1 -F- I prefer speaking to a group over individual interaction with a person.
2 -F- I have difficulty with being sensitive to and patient with individual’s problems.
3 -T- I am not afraid to tell a person something that I know might hurt their feelings or even make them angry with me but will eventually help them to be a better person.

And so on until you've completed the questionaire.

I have 7 true statements in the first group so my score for Prophecy is 7. I rate the highest in Administrative Gift with 10 True statements (Oh! So that's why I'm so bossy :) Once you have your questionaire completed, you will understand this study much better. Continue study...

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