Refreshment in Refuge January 7th Retreat

My posts have been erratic these past few days because of all kinds of things. Hopefully next week my routine will get back in the groove.

On Saturday we will be having our retreat. Please come if you can because it will be just wonderful! You should see the sanctuary. We transformed it into a Watered Garden with a shimmering blue river (shiny cloth) running through it.

My part of the program will be the "set up" or the introduction for the Bible study. It's on Isaiah 58... The Well Watered Garden.

Did you know that Isaiah was a prophet to 4 kings of Judah? Uzziah, Johtam, Ahaz and Hezekiah. His name means The LORD is Salvation, which is very similar to Joshua, Elisha and Jesus. He was a contemporary of Hosea and Micah. These were the last prophets before God's 400 years of silence.

I did this in depth study of Worship and then it seemed like God was saying, put that down, Gina, and listen to what I want you to say. Well, wasn't that what I was doing? I guess not. So, this afternoon, I'm having to basically start all over and the thing is Saturday! Maybe I won't have to start all over. Maybe it's that I have too much to share in half an hour. I guess I'd better get to work!
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