A couple o' things...

First, please pray with me. My daughter's father-in-law had a heart attack last Saturday and passed away suddenly. Didn't even know he had a heart problem. Pray that this causes my son-in-law to draw closer to God and my daughter, too. It just breaks my heart that this happened. Pray that relationships will mend between my daughters. I really need my younger daughter back. I have missed her so much and I feel like I hardly know her anymore. It's not like we live a continent apart, either. I pray that this will draw me and them closer together, too, along with my son-in-law.

In the coming weeks I will be reviewing some gifted writers and then new books. Be looking for my review first of February of Marilynn Griffith's new book Pink (Shades of Style). I got a peek at the first chapter and it is loads of fun! I'll be looking at Brandilyn Collins' new book Web of Lies either end of January or mid-February and in March we'll look at Brenda Coulter's A Family Forever". Then in April Kathern Mackel's Outrider. I'm really excited about these upcoming Christian Fiction books.

If anyone would like to join the Blog Tour (even for just a book or two) let me know.
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