Something rather cool...

As you guys know, I have been searching for a really good job that will pay the bills and give me something extra so I can have neat things like -- benefits, retirement -- things like that. I call them needful things, although God has kept me perfectly healthy for the last several years while I got my degree and hunted for my career spot.

So... I'm walzing through all these fabulous opportunities on CareerBuilder. Found the same jobs on Yahoo and everywhere else. It seems that some of these companies are just blasting the opening and hoping the perfect person for the job will fly through the internet and land on their desk. [Insert ladylike snort]. Like that is really going to happen!

But on I found a wonderful little ad for a ghostwriter. Know that that is? You write something and don't get credit because someone else will take what you wrote and put their own personality stamp on it. You get paid for these gigs. Really. I am also getting paid to write blog posts. Oh, not here... but, here at Blogger News Network. It will not make me rich. But... these are stepping stones to where God would have me go. Know how I know that?

Because God promised to provide for me. Because the first gig came within a few hours of my application. The second gig came the next day. God is so good!

Please pray for my daughter. She needs a job very badly and God has promised, but He's not exactly speeding to the rescue and she is faint hearted right now. Thank you! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.
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