Sarah Palin rises above the miry sludge

The AP reported on Todd Palin's reaction to the "new" supposed biography of Sarah Palin:
Sarah Palin's husband on Thursday called a book critical of his family "disgusting lies, innuendo and smears" as the former Alaska governor's camp sought to discredit a racy biography that includes allegations of infidelity and drug use
Now we have witnessed another slam against Sarah which has no substance. If anyone watched her show about experiencing Alaska this summer on TLC, you'll remember seeing the house next door to the Palin's and a few comments about the stalker that lived there. I didn't understand the comments because I haven't been watching Palin that closely.

I did read her book, (reviewed it here) and it was most excellent. Her integrity and work ethic are something to strive for, and Todd's as well. She h

I'd like to know when the American public is going to wise up and quit believing everything they read on the net, hear on TV, and swallow with their breakfast news. It is amazing to me how much filth is published these days with no ounce of truth.

When I first started out in journalism way back in high school in 1970, if we didn't have at least two sources for the information we printed we got an F for the day, and if we so much as had two words together of someone else without quote marks and citation, we flunked the class altogether. It was that serious.

Today, any blogger can print some outlandish, stupid something, seeming without fear of a libel suit, without fear of recriminations of any kind, and get floods of visits from people all over the world. Even though something is not true, idiots still listen to it; and spread it to hundreds of others making a piece of gossip a viral communication. That is sickening.

I am proud only a small part of the populace fall into that particular trap set by Satan himself. A huge portion of the American population want truth, seek truth, and guard truth. The communications sector has an excellent police department. We need only look back a decade or so to see the reaction to Connie Chung's ill-advised betrayal of Gingrich's mother. The "just between us" really didn't mean off-the-record at all. Journalists all over the world turned a cold shoulder to Chung, and the sting didn't go away. The public squelched her career after that.

Dan Rather got in plenty of hot water when he reported lies trying to make a point which turned into something worse than yellow journalism. Steven Glass became a piranha after his "glorious stories" were discovered ingenious lies without any real sources, just fictional short stories.

I admire the way Sarah and Todd Palin have conducted themselves in the nasty pubic arena of politics. I my opinion they have risen far above the muck and mire, and remain clean. That's huge, and can only be done by the grace of God.

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