Fraud and Waste of $60 billion

What else is new? This subject was closely studied after the Viet Nam war... uh, police action. It was closely studied during construction of public buildings when a $12 wrench cost $45 and a $9 toilet seat cost the government $50 or $100 depending on the contractor. Did we not learn our lessons way back then more than 40 years ago?

What is the matter with our government? It has far too many fingers for the hand it has. We now have a mutant ninja government that is so quick with knee-jerk reactions, and so many fingers in the pie that you can't even determine what kind of pie it is. I listen in stunned silence at the next horror story splashed all over the news. Oh, wait! Most of the news outlets do not tell us these behind the scenes nuggets of horror, do they? Kudos to the Associated Press, though, which stated in a story...

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. has lost billions of dollars to waste and fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan and stands to repeat that in future wars without big changes in how the government awards and manages contracts for battlefield support and reconstruction projects, independent investigators said Wednesday.

The story goes on to state we are really in for more of the same because the Dems and GOP are at odds over the deficit. [Please, join me in a shocked look here.] I'm like John Stossel, "Give me a break!"

What is causing the deficit? Big government that doesn't have the least notion of what a budget is. It's like a shopaholic with an unlimited Black American Express card (that's the one where you can buy a yacht and a helicopter on the same day, right?) Our Prez keeps saying that we're not going to cut spending by sacrificing people. Well, we wouldn't have had to if the people would quit sleeping in the hammocks. Welfare and Medicaid were institutions which were originally designed as safety nets, not hammocks. 

The main cause is this pilfering of billions of dollars by companies under government contract. If any corporate entity were to do business like this it wouldn't last six months. I am appalled that no one seems to care that we are bleeding money at quart rates rather than pin-prick rates.

How far would an individual get when more money went out of the check book than was deposited? A prison door would be slammed on a person who made free with money like that. It's called fraud.
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