Jobs plan -- something else for GOP to choke on

Pres. Obama's jobs plan is just another knee jerk campaign foible. I don't need a crystal ball to know that this is more of the same in order to get votes from those who are entitlement minded. "Let's make sure all the wealth is distributed evenly."

Here's the thing. I'm all for closing loopholes and everyone paying their fair share of taxes. Some study somewhere that Herman Cain referred to said a flat tax wouldn't work because it would over tax the poor and under tax the rich. I can understand that. So why not utilize the poverty level to even it out? The poverty stricken don't pay taxes anyway. Not to beat a dead horse, but hasn't the corporate world demonstrated they won't hire or expand because there isn't any solid ground to stand on when it comes to taxes and pile on top of that health plan costs?

Flat taxing worked in Rome. When everyone knew how much their tax was going to be and what ever they made over that tax level they paid no taxes on it. This encouraged the economy so much, no other economy in the world before or since was so vibrant or so solid. Growth, expansion, business health, individual wealth all benefited greatly because the business owner wasn't penalized for making money.

Obama's plan, both the jobs bill and the mandatory health care plan, penalizes businesses for expansion and growth. If it is passed, we will slide into a far greater depression than that of the late twenties and thirties of last century. We can't keep manipulating interest rates hoping that will stem the tide, because it won't. Our economy has been manipulated so long, it doesn't know where the center of gravity is.

Am I alone in seeing this?
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