Kinde Durkee--history of malfeasence

A question asked by Brenda Elliot of Klein Online, is on target. How could they not know? Durkee was arrested by the FBI for allegedly using clients' funds for her own personal use. Her firm is the treasurer for hundreds of Democrat campaigns, offices, local governments, non-profits, and who knows what all. Stealing money from one client to plumb up another client's coffers to give self-credibility is taking from Bernie Madoff's Handbook of Stealing or How To Create A Ponzi Scheme That Lasts. 

I'm appalled at the gullibility of some people. Then again, it is so easy to allow someone to bamboozle you into thinking you are stupid for not understanding a financial report. Leaders who sloggity-blog through business meetings and financial audits are too afraid to let on that they can't make heads or tails of the paper in front of them. I reviewed a book called "Forensic Accounting For Dummies". It gives, in simple terms, what you should be looking for when your accountant gives you that monthly financial report.

After reading Elliot's report, I'm flabbergasted that people can be so dumb as to put blind faith and trust into an accountant's hands just because they've been in business for years and have handled so many different clients. Don't they balance the checkbook at the end of the month? Apparently, not because they even allow the accountant control of the checkbook. [Insert shocked look here.]  I can't imagine allowing someone else to have that kind of control, no matter how reliable, trustworthy, and/or busy I am.

I was Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce for my little town. I never went home until the books balanced for the day. It's called Due Diligence. How that firm could keep its clients after all the financial blunders since 2001 (Diane Watson's campaign), and perhaps earlier than that, who knows? How dumb can you get? Apparently, much dumber.

I'm thinking when you are that dumb, when you persist in your dumbness, when you've been fooled twice or more, then you deserve what you get. Imagine paying some accountant for the privilege of going to jail or for the privilege of paying exorbitant fines because your accountant didn't do his/her job. Now that's really dumb. If I were a political contributor, I'd be screaming for my money back... then again, contributing after the accounting problems had surfaced and the candidate still used the same accountant, I'd be even dumber than the organization using the alleged fraudulent accountant. Here's your Dunce Cap! Wear it and be proud.
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