Richard Trumka on jobs etc...

In case you missed it this afternoon, Richard Trumka was Brett Behr's guest on Special Report. This man is so full of it.

Behr asked him about the future of Labor, and Trumka said "We were attacked this year like Scott Walker... But, no, we won in Wisconsin." He had this cocky-chin attitude when he said it. Behr pointed out that Scott Walker's decree for government workers was still in place. "For now," Trumka said, sort of like a threat.

The point here is, Mr. Trumka, that was specifically for government workers to take away collective bargaining, not a blanket law for all labor. I'm getting fed up with so many slight of hand as well as slight of tongue tricks that people like you are trying to pull over intelligent tax payers of this country. I'm praying that the real truth will come out in full glory, soon and very soon.

Walker was trying to make a little bit of money stretch to the limit so no one would lose their jobs. What good would collective bargaining have done anyone when there was no money to pay anyone? Where is the brain God gave you?

Okay... I have to quit now before my blood pressure sky rockets.

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