Abundant blessings

While it is not rocket science, it seems that some people don't get the Truth. I just have to wonder at that. Why is it so hard to understand what God's Word says? Then I have the smack to the forehead and I realize that only the Holy Spirit can help a person actually understand His Word. To those who are perishing the message of the cross is foolishness. Paul said that.

Stanley was preaching on Psalm 81. I particularly love verse 10. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.

There are some conditions, just like where God says, he who delights in the LORD, He will give you your hearts desires. That just plain tastes good.

There can't be any idols, false gods like Hinduism, Islam, Budda or pantheism, wicca or any other idol like job, church, TV, shopping, spouse or children.

Does anyone see the correlation here?

It we put anything or anyone before God, then that is an idol. Am I beating a dead horse?

Another condition is to be humble...teachable. When we are stubborn and hang on to things that God has asked us to give to Him -- that could be anything. Including giving of ourselves, our everything. Open every door in our heart and give Him absolutely free reign in our lives.

The next condition is to walk in His ways. That one is hard to do... unless we hide His word in our heart so that we won't sin against Him. Walking in His ways comes a lot easier when we LOVE Him and want to please Him. Which takes us full circle back to the idol thing and that leads us right back to the stubborn thing.

Isn't it amazing that we absolutely will walk in a circle if we do not walk in His ways?

Personally, I think I'd rather sit on God's feet and hang on for dear life to His legs, then I'd never make a false step or step out of His path... But, then, I may not be able to bring Him glory if I'm forever on His feet. How would I be able to walk in His ways if I do not know how to walk?

Therefore, I must walk and tumble and scrape my knees, maybe twist an ankle so that I can learn what God would have me learn so that I am prepared for my eternal purpose. Yes. That's the circle where the blessings are and where God opens the windows of Heaven pouring blessings into the center of it. Yes. That's the circle where you'll find me.

I might have a few scratches, a bloody nose or banged up knees... But, I'll have my blessings in abundance plus all the Fruit of the Spirit. Great joy, kindness, peace, faith, self-control, meekness, and love all in abundance. How marvelous is His name. Glory!
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