What a difference a day makes... or does it?

That is my laptop and that is my hand. What is different about my hand today from Saturday?

Okay, so I jumped the gun, skipped to the last chapter and basically left out all the kissing parts! I'll get to that soon. We've got to finish our study on the Motivational Gifts of the Spirit so we can be effective ministers of Christ.


One interesting note that I will be discussing soon and the background is on another blog.

My dear sister in Christ, Sue McHenry, who blogs at Biblical Therapy had an amazing post about Divorce.

A couple of the questions thrown at us yesterday at church...
Q: When are you tying the knot?
A: Don't know yet. There are a lot of mountains we must climb. So I'm asking prayer for this. His mom lives in his house and we are not moving her out so we must find a place to live for a while. I must have a job so we can maintain 2 households. My job must be flexible so I can take Mom and his mom to the doctors. It is a tangle that God can unravel and I do expect Him to do this in His perfect timing.
Q: That was really quick! Are you sure?
A: As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning. It really wasn't all that quick. We've been dating far longer than we have been sitting together in church! We didn't sit together in church until we were fairly certain we'd be getting married eventually -- we certainly didn't want tongues wagging if there wasn't anything to our relationship except friendship.
I have really tried to find something I did not like or could not live with and I cannot not. He is as true as he appears. For the whole parish of Tensas to say, "He is a really nice guy," is an amazing feat. All the folks that I have grown to love as my church family have known him since he was born and I trust their judgment almost as much as I trust God's. My church family tried to tell one of my dear friends not to get involved with a certain fellow, advised against it from the beginning. And they were right back then, I'm certain they are correct now.
But most importantly, what does God have to say about all this? What an interesting question! We'll explore that question, next week.
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