Attributes of the Giver day 3

13. Has strong belief in tithing and in giving in addition to tithing.
We have studied this already so what Biblical reference can you put here? Do you recall any other Biblical reference to tithing? Can you relate that instance to the gift of Giving?

14. Focuses on sharing the Gospel.
Look up Genesis 18:19…in fact back up a little and read 16-19. What was the Lord’s purpose in taking care of Abraham?

15. Believes God is the Source of his supply.
Flip back a couple of pages to chapter 15. Here Abraham affirms exactly this attribute. What does Abraham tell God in verse 2?

16. Is very industrious with a tendency toward success.
What exactly does this mean? Well, if it is true about you, you'll know. I've often wondered what Katy and Don Fortune actually meant by this, then it dawned on me. The truly successful people never give up and are always doing something. We're not talking about rich people, we're talking about folks who succeed in what they start out to do... goals accomplished. They work at it. However, Abraham was rich. He was wise in settling disputes with all kinds of people including his nephew, Lot. Need we say more on this one?

17. Has natural and effective business ability.
Seems like everything thing Abraham touched multiplied into wealth. He was very wise in his endeavors.

18. Likes to get the best value for the money spent.

19. Is definitely not gullible.

20. Possesses both natural and God-given wisdom.

We cannot leave the study of Abraham without studying the sacrifice of Isaac. Today’s reading will be in Genesis 22:1-19.

This single passage is probably the most evidence of the heart of a Giver. We can see here several attributes listed for a Giver. One is listening to God, hearing Him and strict obedience to His calling. Here is a repeat of God’s first calling to Abraham. God says, “Take your son Isaac and go to a hill I will show you in the land of Moriah,” But can you imagine the constriction of the old man’s heart when he heard the Lord say, “and there you shall sacrifice him.”

Read these verses carefully and jot down some of the attributes you see Abraham exhibit.

Here Abraham takes the wood, the fire and the knife and says to his servants, "The lad and I will go up yonder to worship and we will be back." Abraham had no doubt whatsoever that he and his son would return together. He knew God is the God of life completely unlike the foreign gods. The wood, the knife, the fire. The Cross, The Nails, Judgement Redeemer. Jesus willingly gave His life so that we might live. I cannot think of any better illustration of Giver.

Never = 0
Seldom = 1
Sometimes = 2
Usually = 3
Mostly = 4
Always = 5
Total _______________

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