Attributes of the Administrator day 2

Turn in your Bible to Nehemiah chapters 1 and 2.

1. Is highly motivated to organize for whatever he is given responsibility.

2. Expresses ideas and organization in ways that communicate clearly.

3. Prefers to be under authority in order to have authority.

4. Will not take responsibility unless delegated by those in authority.

Did you notice the above qualities in the passage in Nehemiah? The Administrator won't "borrow trouble" or snatch authority unless there is obviously no one in authority. I'm off the charts in this gift.

5. Will assume responsibilities if no specific leadership exists.

6. Especially enjoys working on long range projects.

7. Is a visionary person with a broad perspective.

8. Easily facilitates resources and people to accomplish tasks or goals.

You can find these qualities in chapter 1 and 2 as well. Nehemiah exhibits all the qualities of the Administrator.

Never = 0
Seldom = 1
Sometimes = 2
Usually = 3
Mostly = 4
Always = 5
Total _______________

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