Glenn Beck the new jeremiah wright prophet???

At USA Today (link to the article is the title of this post) in the Faith and Reason section there is a somewhat unintelligible diatribe from Cathy Lynn Grossman. Is she equating Glenn Beck with Jeremiah Wright? Or is she trying to explain what Liberation Theology is? I'm all confused.

I've listened to Glenn Beck for about eight or nine months now (not every afternoon, but a goodly portion of them) and I have not heard anything from him even remotely close to the venom spewed out by Jeremiah Wright. The "explanation" of liberation theology only raises more questions than answers.

The "expert" she talked with, J. Kameron Carter, associate professor of Theology and Black Church Studies at Duke University Divinity School, said that it was only hermeneutics which he called "sunglasses." "It's all in the sunglasses that you wear when reading the Bible, not about whether you are right or wrong." (Loose paraphrase.)

Now, I have done a bit of study in hermeneutics and the basic, boiled down explanation is that you read the Bible literally and if that makes sense, you don't go looking for some other explanation. If it doesn't make sense, then you should apply cultural sense of the life and times and study elsewhere in Scripture to make sure scripture interprets scripture. That is a major key in Bible study anyway. So many "scholars" forget they are not the end-all of knowledge, and too many journalists don't check facts beyond the cursory one. I'm beginning to think most journalists went to the same school of ethics that Stephen Glass did.

I wrote a post called Obama's First 9 Months (the bottom portion came to be via a friend in Texas) which was mentioned in my termination letter from CASA-PRC, Inc. Isn't that interesting? Now, Grossman has implied that Beck had a "trashing Obama" agenda along with his message that America needs to get back to God.

Excuse me, but I've only heard Beck say things about Obama that are true which he backs up with audio or video clips catching him in the act so to speak. My question is how is that "trashing" Obama? Anyway...

It seems to me that the problem with the USA is exactly what Beck is saying, we MUST get on our knees and pray, we must turn from our wicked ways, we must repent and turn back to God. He has promised that He will hear and heal our land. Our battle is really not against flesh and blood, it is against the principalities of the spirit world and we must always remember this before we start slicing and dicing our fellow man.
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