Embryonic stem cell research blocked by judge

Hallelujah!!  That's one giant baby step for embryos. The major problem now is that these tiny humans are either frozen or being destroyed. That just sets my heart to crying. I've said this before and I'll say it again. God would never design cures for diseases to come from the death on innocents, which is what this is.

On a side note: I am beginning to think that every reporter and journalist is having fact-checking problems. In Pete Yost's article about the blocking of embryonic stem cell research, he says, "Stem cell research holds the potential to address some of the most difficult areas in the medical field — from spinal cord injury to diabetes to Parkinson's, which all have resisted traditional treatment." He gives no reference, no back up for the statement. It just lays there with no teeth, yet, someone will pick up this article and use it as prooftext of their agenda that embryonic stem cells actually will be the answer to all our disease woes including curing the common cold. Poppycock.

Okay, I won't beat a dead horse, but certainly we need to put on our bullcrap detecting glasses so that we can see news reports clearly.
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