Gay Marriage False Facts

This article/column written by Frank Turek, author of Correct, NOT Politically Correct, is extremely eye-opening concerning the ruling of Judge Walker who recently stalled California's Proposition 8.

The fact that the voters of California turned out and voted yes for this proposition which defines marriage as one man and one woman among other things says a lot about the feelings of American in general concerning homosexual marriages.

Turek is correct that most people do not understand the literal impact that this liberal judge is wielding against America. He is, in essence, that judges know better and the people go hang.

Proposition 8 in no way forestalls the 14th Amendment. Down through the ages, American people have not been open to same sex marriages. What right does any judge have to rule that "that time has passed"? The people of California say that it has NOT passed and that they consider a marriage to be normal with all the rights and privileges if it is between one man and one woman. It should remain so, especially since our country was founded upon Christian principles, the Holy Bible and by Christian men and women. We are still a Christian nation.

I have heard it often said that you can't legislate morality. I have often said, "Poppycock!" to that and am well-pleased that Turek says the same thing in his column.

I suggest you read his column. It is very well thought out and he presents some extremely good logic in his arguments against Judge Walker's ruling.
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