The cow with 310 million udders

I laughed so hard yesterday when I heard Alan Simpson compare the Social Security system to a cow with 310 million tits. It was funny to hear, but the sad thing is it's true.

Then he had to apologize to the White House (who accepted his apology) for the truth. What is that madness all about? Why did he have to apologize??? What was truly wrong with what he said? There are so many Americans who are on Social Security, who depend upon it to pay their electric bills and such. They can't find work because the economy is so bad. So who is to blame?

I heard (wasn't watching, but listening) on Tuesday that the solution to our economic woes is to "spend our way out"!! Now only Obama who is blaming Bush for the economic crises two years into his term would say that out of one side of his mouth and then blame him for spending too much money! After all he was Senator when the idea for a Bailout spending bill came up and he voted for it. There is enough blame to go around and it is time that everyone stand up and do something about it, don't you think? Quit blaming and go back to the laissez faire economic policy. That means let capitalism take over and balance the economy. We would go into a mild depression and then the economy would right itself. Government is way too big. Uh oh! I've probably been tagged as a radical... so sue me and take all my money. Wait a minute, I don't have any. I spent it all on my education and that has gotten me no where fast. No one wants a half century old woman with no figure and doesn't giggle anymore.
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