You are near in their mouth, and far from their reins.

Ever wonder why the wicked seem to prosper so well while we struggle with all kinds of things?

I did.

Jeremiah 12 is where that verse is found and it is such a terrible verse. Can you imagine what it would be like to have God far from your reins? We don't have to look very far to see examples of what happens when authority and restraint are far from our reins. If you are old enough to remember the movie Animal House... good example. Weird Science is another example.

A more explicit example is found in Romans 1:18-32. I shudder at those verses. What would it be like for God to just let go and let you have your own way? Just like children need and want boundaries, so do we Christians. It is how we stay sane, how we stay close to God, how we stay clean.

The wicked may prosper but nothing is done in the dark that will not be found out. God has blessed me by letting me see the wicked be found out. Oh, not all of them, just a few, but enough for me to know that they do not prosper forever.

So what if the wicked prosper until they die? They will not prosper after death. Some of us will just have to wait until the Day of Judgement to see some of the wicked receive their dessert. The problem will be so horrendous at that time, though, it will mean that they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. I don't care what anyone has done to me... fired me... manufactured evidence against me... betrayed me with other women... thrown me out of house and home... rejected me... spit upon me... called me all manner of things and even prayed to God for evil to befall me... None of that is worth eternal torment. I would not wish that on any person.

Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy on me and on those who revile me and reject me. Draw them close Father and pour Your Spirit over them, Father for they know not what they do. Open their eyes, Father to what they do. Make them see. Give them compassion, for they shall surely die without You.

Take a moment and pray for my daughter, please. She is at this moment having to commit her dad so he can get help from his alcoholism. Frankly, I've lost all hope that he'll get better, but she hasn't. And if you would, please pray the Lord God Almighty will provide her with a job so she can stand on her own. Sigh...
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