Trunk 'o Treats

I am sorry I haven't blogged since Saturday. I had no idea that being an editor was so time consuming... well... other things have been happening, too.

We had the best blast at church last night. Instead of a Halloween thing, or a Fall Festival we decided to have a Trunk 'o Treat thing. Everyone opened their trunks and put lots of treats in it and decorated it with something... Why am I talking when you can see for yourself!

From FBC Trunk o T...

From FBC Trunk o T...

There's lots more pictures at

That's my great friend, Brenda and the clown next to her is Melonie. (She will kill me when she reads that HA!) We have about 80 to 85 that come to Sunday School on a regular basis, but last night we had at least 250 people come have some good, clean fun. It was absolutely the best community outreach that we have ever done and that includes Vacation Bible School. The children were absolutely precious. The adults had glorious fun and the candy was especially good when I could find the chocolate.
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