Attributes of the Server day 3

Look up in your bible for the sake of space as well as understanding. I find that I understand my own Bible because I've had years of reading it and you probably do too. I do love looking up other translations, though, because they help me to have a broader perspective.

9. Is more interested in meeting the needs of others rather than their own.

In Luke 7, the first 3 verses describes the women who served Jesus. There is only one woman in this group whose words are recorded. She was in the Garden crying her heart out that Jesus' body was no where to be found. This tells us a great deal about a Server. They are not people of many words.

Timothy is a truly great example of Server. Twenty four times Timothy is named in Scripture, but no words are attributed to him. He is a man of action and ministry to the point of illness. Paul tells him to take a little wine for his stomach. It is interesting that the Pastor letters of Paul are written to Timothy and Titus, both illustrate the classic gift of Service.

10. Enjoys working on immediate goals rather than long-range goals

11. Tends to do more than asked to do.

(I do not know what happened to # 12)

13. Feels greatest joy in doing something that is helpful.

14 Does not want to lead others or projects.

A veterinarian took a working vacation in New Zealand. He was not a Christian when he arrived on that country’s shores but he certainly was when he went back to England. This is very unusual because New Zealand (at that time) only had about 5% of its population that was Christian.
Every where he went it seemed that people were asking him if he knew Jesus and he had to keep saying “No. No. I do not know Him.”
One day, he arrived at a fairly poor looking farm. The farmer’s wife invited him in gave him some thick hearty stew. He asked for work with the animals but she had no money to pay him. He shrugged and kept eating, figuring to be on his way shortly. The afternoon was young and surely he would find work before the evening.
She asked him if he knew Jesus. He said the same thing he’d been saying. “No, I do not know Him.” As she put some water in the pot to boil, she gently spoke about her Savior. Colin politely told her that he had no interest in that Man she called her Savior. She sighed, then turning back to him, she asked if she could wash his socks for him.
Colin was so touched. His feet had begun to hurt him the day before due to his boots getting wet. His socks had not dried out when he had hung them up to dry that night. To have warm, dry socks would be heavenly…as much as he could possibly understand heaven. He grinned at his hostess and hurriedly took off his socks and wiggled his toes at the fire. It seemed like the next minute the woman was patting his shoulder and handing him his pair of warm, fluffy, freshly laundered socks. He was surprised to learn he had slept for an hour.
The farmer’s wife packed him a sack of bread and cheese and sent him on his way.
Three weeks later Colin headed back for the docks to head home. He had had a life changing experience when he met a pastor of a little church beside the road he was traveling. He met Jesus that day. With Bible in hand, he knocked on the farmer’s wife’s door and gave her a bear hug and told her what a wonderful gift she had given him. Colin had discovered what Jesus meant when He washed His disciples feet. Colin realized what the woman had known just by looking into his eyes. He would have been appalled if she’d asked to wash his feet, but by washing his socks and by serving him a hearty meal, she had been the image of Jesus. She had witnessed to him more loudly by her simple actions than words shouted in his ear.

Never = 0
Seldom = 1
Sometimes = 2
Usually = 3
Mostly = 4
Always = 5
Total _______________

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