Attributes of the Teacher day 4

16. Is self-disciplined.
Clean room, clean desk top, everything in order.
They will be able to manage many tasks but generally have no clue with people skills.

17. Is emotionally self-controlled.

This Spiritual Gift, more than any other understands the choice in controlling emotions of the dangerous kind such as anger, bitterness, hatred. With the gift’s penchant for truth and Biblical principles to live by, persons with this gift understand choices better than any person with the other gifts.

18. Has only a select circle of friends.
Teachers look for people with similar interests to develop close personal relationships with. A child with this gift will often be found curled up with a good book…sometimes even in the midst of several children at play, the teacher child can be found reading. The teacher child is not necessarily anti-social, just extremely selective of friends. You won’t find this one partaking in idle chit-chat, either. Their conversation will be widely varied but full of ideas and concepts.

19. Has strong convictions and opinions based on investigation of facts.
You will rarely win an argument with this gift. A person with this gift is incredible with facts and is almost always correct because they generally do not take one fact at face value. These people make excellent detectives, with minds like steel traps for facts and figures.

20. Believes truth has the intrinsic power to produce change.
While the teacher knows the why of something…most times the “how-to” escapes them. They assume teaching the “why” will automatically develop change when most Christians also need to have an understanding of “how-to”.

A prime example of this is Proverbs. In this book by Solomon, we see a mighty collection of wise sayings that are complete with the end result of different things…The Why of things. But there is no instruction of The How-To do something. We are told in 10:12 “Hate is always picking a quarrel, but love turns a blind eye to every fault.” But there is no instruction “how-to” turn hate into love or “how-to” keep love from turning to hate.

Teachers and Exhorters usually do not get along because their end result is basically the same, but the way they get there are poles apart... sparks fly. You'll understand that better at the end of next week.

Never = 0
Seldom = 1
Sometimes = 2
Usually = 3
Mostly = 4
Always = 5
Total _______________

Total the scores of all the bolded statements and this will give you the percentage of your Teacher gift.

If you have not seen yourself in any of the three gifts we've discussed, hang on to your hat because I know we'll get to one that will peg off the charts for you. Don't forget, we have 4 more to go...

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