Attriutes of the Server day 2

Look up Numbers 3:1-13 and read.
Oh, what a wonderful depiction of a Server. Especially notice verse 12…”They  be Mine…” in this passage, we are looking at a description of exactly how a Server works in the Body of Christ and just loves doing it.

My dad was a Server. He kept the church van in tip-top shape plus numerous other things. When it came time for the van’s inspection, he would go get the van, get it inspected and return the van--didn’t make any fanfare about it at all--he just did what was necessary. Just before he died, he brought the van home and installed a step/running board on the passenger side then brought it back. No one but me knew it had been done until the next time the van was used. This is so true for a Server in action. They can spot a need in a New-York-second, fill the need and move on to the next project before the Perceiver has even thought about doing anything.

_____________________Day Two
Luke 10:38-40
What about Martha? Can you picture exactly what she was feeling?

5. Enjoys showing hospitality.
Here is a woman that loves company. Picture her house. Since Lazarus wasn’t fabulously rich, their home was probably made of stone found locally and mortar made from mud. Their utensils were most likely wooden. Like any good homemaker of the time, Martha probably had one week’s food stored.

6. Will stay with something until it is completed.
Enter Jesus plus twelve disciples and possibly even more than that, we are not told. What had once been a week’s provisions for three people became one meal for two women and at least thirteen men.

8. Needs to feel appreciated.
Think about it and then write down what you think Jesus was really telling Martha when He said, Martha, Martha, you are fretting and fussing about so many things; but one thing is necessary. The part that Mary has chosen is best; and it shall not be taken away from her.”
Is it any wonder that Martha complained? A server needs that reassurance that what they are doing is, indeed, filling a need. That is what they not only strive for, but what they live for.

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