Attributes of the Exhorter day 2

_____________________ Characteristics of the Exhorter

Day One
We will be hearing a lot from Paul this week because he is our Biblical example of an Exhorter.

For the rest of the week we will walk through Galatians, so put a marker there in your Bible or take a few moments today and read the book of Galatians. It is only 6 chapters long, but rich in exhortation.

Today we will focus on Galatians chapter 4. Read that chapter first, then put the verse numbers beside the statement that proves the statements as true.

1. Loves to encourage others to live victoriously.

2. Wants a visible response when teaching or speaking.

3. Prefers to apply truth rather than research it.

4. Prefers systems of information that have practical application.

What that actually means is that an Exhorter will listen all day to someone teaching principles using everyday, practical examples. This would be like Jesus when he used parables to teach. A person with the gift of teaching would much rather listen to facts with Biblical examples for emphasis. The Exhorter would rather hear a speaker preaching the Bible and the Teacher would rather have a Biblical encyclopedia; both are excellent “systems of information”.

Read Galatians chapter 5 and identify verses that prove the truth of the statements below.

5. Loves to prescribe precise steps of action to aid personal growth.

6. Focuses on working with people.

7. Encourages others to develop in their personal ministries.

8. Finds truth in experience and then validates it with Scripture

Never = 0
Seldom = 1
Sometimes = 2
Usually = 3
Mostly = 4
Always = 5
Total _______________

Grade yourself on how true each statement is about you then at the end of the week add up your totals. That will show you how much of the gift of Exhorter you have.

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