Praying for our Country

Pray For The Government  The National Day of Prayer...

Father in Heaven, I humbly ask you to reach out to our President, and to those in Congress, and to those who sit on the benches of the Supreme Court to pour Yourself into their hearts. Please reveal yourself to them as you did to Moses. Help them to see the far reaching consequences of their actions and decisions. Give them wisdom beyond human understanding, but wisdom that comes straight from You. Give them a peacefulness that is so satisfying that the human soul craves it beyond food or rest when they make decisions and act according to Your will. Take their peace and their sleep from them when they are tempted to tread a path which ends in ungodly disaster. Help them to know the difference and why. Help them to realize beyond doubt that it is only You who is in control and that the relationship with You has eternal impact.

Holy LORD, King of the Universe, I ask that you please forgive this Nation for unseemly, ungodly actions. Please forgive our cavalier attitude toward life, and toward justice. Give the Bride of Christ godly wisdom so that we follow You, stepping where You step, sitting on Your feet. Guard our thoughts, O, LORD. Guard our tongues, let only that which will ignite a fire for You pass lips which You have cleansed, and let ears hear Your message, deaf to that which seduces away from Your path.

Father, I pray for the Lost of this country. We are known as a Christian Nation, help us to act like it. Make tender the hardened hearts of the Lost so that we may reach them. Above all, help us to recognize those who do not know You as those whom You greatly desire to know and tuck under Your wings of refuge so they may drink in the Living Water and be satisfied.

Give us the grace of forgiveness and the ability to give that grace to all who wrong us tempered with Your wisdom to know when to fight and when to let go. Give us the strength everyday to put on Your whole armor. Help us to recognize the deceitful seductions of the Evil One. Your kingdom come. Your will be done.

In Jesus name, AMEN.
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