Silly Tweet? Absurd Police?

Here we have a guy who was mad at the snow.

Yes. That's correct, he's mad at the snow which closed Robin Hood Airport (yes, that's the name and did I mention all this takes place in England?) Because the airport is closed and he's ticked off, so he tweets his anger and frustration ending the 140 characters with "...otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!" 

Does that bear any resemblance to a joke? Hmmmm Nope. Not at all.

The police show up at his work, handcuff him and take him to the precinct for a seven hour interrogation. He was arrested for a bomb threat. 

"...otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!" 

Yes. That is exactly what it looks like. A bomb threat. After reading all the sympathetic claptrap comments patting him on the back, urging him to appeal, starting a legal fund for him, I got fed up to my flaming neck. This guy actually thinks his civil liberties were violated and he had about 100 people agreeing with him. Poppycock!

How can anyone joke about something like this and then blame the police for being johnny-on-the-spot with to investigate the threat? Apparently, a lot of people can. The comments are quite indicative of just how far down the human race has sunk into the mire of politically correct horse manure. 

I opine that anyone who breaths a threat against any public or private institution, against any individual or group should suffer precisely the same consequence this guy is suffering. In fact, I don't think the £1,000 he was fined and the additional out of pocket £1,000 was enough penalty. It isn't funny.

Anyone who lets off steam with wild threats in social media is disturbed and possibly deranged. 

How often does it need to hit the news services that a person loses a job because of their stupid remarks disparaging their boss on their blog... Facebook... Twitter... where ever before people wise up? How many times does a naked picture or suggestive photo have to show up on every school kid's iPhone for cool jets to reign supreme? People! Quit acting like a chicken with its head cut off. The reason the thing flops around is because it doesn't have a head!

Job 28:20  Where then does wisdom come from, and where is the place of understanding? 21  Yea, it is hidden from the eyes of all living, and concealed from the birds of the heavens; 22  the Place of Ruin and Death say, We have heard its fame with our ears. 23  God knows its way, and He knows its place. 

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