Life drainers and life fillers

Ask God to manage you time. He is worthy of that kind of trust and that task. He reminds me all the time of this, but I somehow have to be reminded daily in numerous different ways.

Don't worry, I asked Angela Hunt if I could use this piece at our ladies retreat way back a long time ago in a galaxy..uh, er... state far away. She said I could use it however, just give her the credit. AND how! She is a wonderful author and quite gifted with short points as well as completely fleshed-out works.

Life-drainer: accepting a position on my neighborhood's board of directors.

Life-filler: starting a neighborhood book club (where we frequently discuss spiritual themes).
Life-drainer: working seven days a week.
Life-filler: taking a Sabbath and keeping it holy.
Life-drainer: bad books, bad movies, bad TV.
Life-filler: good books, good movies, great TV.
Life-drainer: trying to exercise someone else's spiritual gift.
Life-filler: exercising mine.
Life-drainer: joining a fitness club.
Life-filler: hitting the treadmill every morning while watching good TV.
Life-drainer: trying to be all things to all people.
Life-filler: finding my God-ordained niche and filling it.
Miscellaneous life-drainers: purposeless meetings, trying to maintain fake nails, window shopping, foolish arguments, email chain letters and urban myths.
Miscellaneous life-fillers: any time spent encouraging children, a good hair cut, time spent with my hubby, shopping with a purpose, riveting debates with friends who speak the truth in love, going back to school to keep learning.

We need never go a few days without being reminded that our time is worth a lot. How do we get ourselves in a Life Drainer situation? Does the word "No" mean anything any more?

I went on the hunt to find Angela to let her know I was using this again, and got side-tracked by my friend Wayne Carlan's new post "Help me Tom Cruise" which is hilarious, but you'll have to go to my Facebook page to see it because I can't figure out how to link a Facebook entry on a blog post. Just when I think I've got some savvy in this technology thing, I find out I'm not as smart as I'd like to think I am. That was the first sidetrack, then I notice that Jayce O'Neal said something to me on Twitter with a link to his new video. So, of course I must watch it and answer back, then I see several Tweets by Newt Gingrich I have to reTweet because they are so good, I think of something that is good to Tweet, I notice something on Tammie Rigney's wall that I want to Tweet. By this time there are almost another 100 Tweets to look at. Which I do.

My daughter calls to tell me that my phone is out again. For some reason, when it rains, our phone goes out. No clue why. Now, I've got to get the phone guy here to fix that problem.

I write my post for Everyday Christian and send that in. It is now 1:22 pm and I have yet to start on the task God told me to do last night. I wonder if it is procrastination or if I'm just bubble-headed today.... Hey! no cracks about that! God is good enough with His practical jokes on me.

Whenever it looks like rain or it is raining when we go to church, the conversation is, "Should we take the umbrella?" "Naw, it isn't far and we won't melt." But yesterday, I took my umbrella because it was raining. All the other times in the past months and months, God turned the faucet off so we could go into church or out of church without getting wet. Yesterday, God looked in the back seat and saw the umbrella. What happened when I put the car in park? Whoosh! The bottom dropped out of the clouds and God said, "Okay, Baby, you brought the umbrella, you use the umbrella!"

Don't you just love it when God "gently" reminds you that when you trust Him, He will take care of you? So do I. And I especially love it when He does it in such a funny way! He has assured me in many different ways that He will help when I ask and give Him enough elbow room to work. Sometimes my faith for this is huge and sometimes it gets lost in a tea cup. No matter how large or small, God is faithful and true.
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