Attributes of the Teacher day 3

Ecclesiastes 12:9-12
So the Speaker, in his wisdom, continued to teach the people what he knew. He turned over many maxims in his mind and sought how best to set them out. He chose his words to give pleasure, but what he wrote was the honest truth. The sayings of the wise are sharp as goads, like nails driven home; they lead the assembled people , for they come from one shepherd. One further warning, my son: the use of books is endless, and much study is wearisome. (The New English Bible)

9. Easily develops and uses a large vocabulary.
Is this surprising?

10. Emphasizes facts and the accuracy of words.

11. Checks out the source of knowledge of others who teach.

12. Prefers teaching believers rather than engaging in evangelism.

This is because the teacher would rather not cast his pearls before swine…

Take a look at Ecclesiastes 9.

Why you think verses 13-18 is true of Teachers?

Now look at verse 1. Solomon understood that all is under God’s control and this is what the teacher firmly believes.

13. Feels Bible study is foundational to the operation of all the gifts.

A Perceiver cannot perceive, a Server cannot serve, a Teacher cannot teach, an Exhorter cannot exhort, a Giver cannot give, an Administrator cannot administer, a person cannot have compassion without first knowing and understanding what God says about it and how God says it should be done.

14. Solves problems by starting with Scriptural principles.
The Bible has the answers to life's toughest questions. A teacher helps us to visualize these answers and apply them to our daily life. In fact, the teacher is usually owl-eyed when someone says, 'Okay, so what does that mean?' They understand it, so why doesn't everyone?

Look up Proverbs 9:10-11

15. Is intellectually sharp.
(I have to laugh at this one. Who in his right mind would mark “never” to this question?) Let me qualify this one this way: The person with the gift of teaching will be excellent at Trivial Pursuit—they soak up facts like a sponge and have a wealth of information at the tip of their tongue. A fact that may seem insignificant to others will be of wonderful importance to a teacher just because it is an interesting fact. A teacher will amaze and surprise others by sharing something pertinent to the conversation but learned years earlier…and it will be the first time he has shared the fact with anyone. Dates and history are of particular interest but also science and research.

Never = 0
Seldom = 1
Sometimes = 2
Usually = 3
Mostly = 4
Always = 5
Total _______________

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