Attributes of the Teacher day 2

Day 2______________

I forgot this yesterday... 

Never = 0
Seldom = 1
Sometimes = 2
Usually = 3
Mostly = 4
Always = 5
Total _______________

Remember to grade yourself according to how true each  bolded statement is about you.

4. Enjoys word studies.
This leads the teacher into many profound insights which they may not feel led to share with anyone else. They investigate meanings and root word meanings often turning to Strong’s Exhaustive Expository on Greek and Hebrew words or Vine’s to determine the exact meaning of a word in the original Greek or Hebrew of Biblical scripture. It takes a great amount of trust on a Teacher’s part to take any teaching at face value. If the Teacher “catches” an error in a teaching he has a tendency to toss out the entire teaching instead of evaluating the teaching for truth of all parts.

Read Ecclesiastes 1 5. Prefers to use Biblical illustrations rather than life illustrations.

The Bible is the final authority on Truth. It is difficult to find an illustration of this in one single paragraph of Scripture. We need to look at Luke’s writings as a whole and remember that Luke was a Gentile and did not have the advantage of a Hebrew upbringing or education. However, there is one interesting fact about Luke’s writings. He wrote in Greek but used Hebrew syntax. In other words, Luke was so accurate in his writing that he quoted exactly and in order, the Hebrew words from his interviews. An example of this would be:

In German a grammatically correct statement would be “He threw the cows over the fence some hay.” In English we would say, “He threw some hay over the fence for the cows.” In English, the straight German translation appears that the person threw the cows over the fence. Because of Luke’s exactness in writing down the Hebrew quotes, we have a beautiful example of Hebrew spoken by Jesus which was lost up until only a few years ago. Some Greek Biblical scholars recognized the Greek in Luke’s Gospel was actually not grammatically correct for Greek, but was indeed correct when applied to Hebrew. The source for that info is Dwight Pryor. However, I ran into a Greek scholar and mentioned it to him. He was intrigued by it and said he would study it. He never got back to me.

This illustrates two thing. My Teacher gift wanted confirmation of something from another source. The second thing is, the Greek scholar did not have the Teaching gift because he would have gotten back with me. This is one of the driving things about a Teacher -- imparting knowledge learned when asked to share.

6. Gets upset when Scripture is used out of context.
With his quick attention to detail and accuracy, this will set off a teacher before quick can get ready. For the teacher, misuse of Scripture is False Truth or put bluntly—a lie.

7. Feels concerned that truth be established in every situation.
First Corinthians 13:6 Love delights in Truth is the part of Love that is close to the heart of a teacher. Truth is what a teacher lives and breathes. Lying to a teacher will destroy his trust in you and will effectively destroy your relationship with him. Once trust is violated with a Teacher, you are likely to never have a close relationship again with him. This is one of those things to be wary of for a teacher. Forgiveness for him does not come easy but when it does, it is deeply felt.

8. Is more objective than subjective.
Being objective, the teacher is able to express or involve the use of facts without interference of prejudice or personal feelings. The teacher feels that facts illustrating truth should override personal feelings.

In our Scripture passage today, we see Solomon addressing himself as The Preacher or The Speaker. He describes what he has done with his gift that he asked for and God granted, wisdom. He studied and explored all that is done under heaven. Compare chapter 1 with chapter 12. To read even the first eleven chapters of Ecclesiastes it would seem that Solomon had no hope because of his unemotional application of his gift. Only in chapter 12 do we see that Solomon actually cherishes his relationship with the Lord and that all the wisdom in the world cannot compare to the grace that God gave him in his repentance.

This is how a Teacher is, learning all the facts and then drawing a conclusion.

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