Beloved Betrothed

(In honor of Valentine's Day, I had to drag this out of 2005 archives.)

To be betrothed. How marvelously wonderful that is. A Jewish mother would be proud. "See my daughter over there? No, the beautiful one. She's betrothed. She'll be married for all eternity." I know He will come. I am eagerly anticipating His coming for me. My lamp is lit and I have plenty of oil. How secure that is.

What's that? Is security all I'm looking for? Oh, no. Security is just a fringe benefit. There is something far more valuable. I've never been dead, but I imagine it is not a pleasant state when one does not have a Betrothed. A state I do not wish to contemplate right now. I'd much rather consider what I do have. Why does He love me so? I cannot fathom that, not the full scope of it.

Jesus is the physical side of God. He is the one that we can relate to so He is the one that we are betrothed to. I am so in love with Him that I cannot fathom how deep my love is and where His love begins. I cannot fathom how His Spirit has made my soul so vibrantly alive that I am not alone for He is constantly with me. Power and Glory and Majesty is He, but more also is He. Only Jesus, only God can pour righteousness over me as fragrant oil...and through nothing that I do, it is just His love that makes me pure. He does this for me because He loves me.

He raises His sword and destroys all fear and conquers my insecurity.
He is my God, my King, my Beloved, Ruler of my heart--tender and sweet is He. Because He wept at His friend’s grave site, He understands my grief as my tears roll down His fingers and my trembling chin is lifted by His palm.
His eyes so full of love spread healing balm throughout my being. He is there because…
Because He had no place to lay His head, He knows the weariness of my body.
Because He walked with feet bare and dusty, He knows the pain in my feet and ankles.
Because He held a baby, He knows my love for my children.
Because He stilled the sea,He knows the storms in my heart.
Because He knew hunger, He knows my hatred for diets.
Because He built a chair, He knows why I must sit down.
Because He loves me, I am at rest.
Because He died for me, I can enter the throne room of God.

That huge splendorous place filled with His train. I tremble, I shake and at the Thunder from the Throne I fall to my face. So ashamed am I. So undone. I am so unworthy I cannot look upon His face. The Four Living Creatures protect me from His Glory or I shall cease to exist. I am mute with terror. I have no words for my defense. Then suddenly, a warm hand presses my shoulder and soft white robe comes between me and the throne. I grab His robe and press my face deep into it. A low voice whispers tender words to me and my terror melts away. His hand slides across my back and He lifts me in His arms so strong, His strength stills the tremors of my terror like His breath stilled the wind and calmed the waves. He looks at The Father and simply says for all to hear, "Father, this one is mine."

"Oh how sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word."
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