Ham & Nye Creation Debate

I did not watch the debate, but I've heard that more than 5 million did.

Perhaps for some Christians, they deeply need some kind of proof that God is who He says He is. Perhaps more importantly, some Christians need some kind of proof that God did what He said He did. 

The most significant proof to me is faith. God said 7 days. If He took longer to do it, then that would make Him a liar and everything in the Bible would be false. My faith is all or nothing. God has gifted me with an unwavering faith in Him, and gifted me with the knowledge that He has my best interest at heart. God is Truth. It was 7 days.

Here are a few thoughts for those more skeptical ones:

Pondering a scientific problem
Confirmation of Biblical Truths
My first grandbaby

That is just for starters.

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