Twitter Tweet Tweet


Oh, no. I heard how you said that and it wasn't anything like the way I said it. Say it again, and draw it out... long, and loud and clear. It isn't a laugh, Mary Poppins.

Actually, it's Feed the Birds time. Someone just put another thing about Twitter on my group Christians Authors, Editors, Publishers, and Bloggers at LinkedIn.

Why is this craze so crazy? Can anyone tell me in 25 words or less what is so great about hearing other people's conversations? Is it the thrill of eavesdropping? Is it because people like Neil Diamond will Tweet your cell? That sounds kind of nasty, doesn't it? Neil tweets and tweeted or is it twittered when he signed another contract with Columbia Records... this time, I think for 7 years. I love Neil! I'm delighted for him, and me so I can go buy more records. Excuuuuuuse me, CDs. We don't have those old fashioned vinyl things anymore.

Over in my CASA group, they are telling me that iTwitter is something ever Exec Director should do because it is a useful business tool. How? Explanations be hanged. They couldn't generate enough excitement in me to rush out and do the Twitter Thang.

And while we're on social interaction junk, what about Facebook? I'm on that and I get email about every half hour from friends wanting me to do this or fill in that or (and I did like this) wishing me happy birthday. If we don't be very careful, we won't have time for any work at all we'll be doing the Tag Thang all day long. Okay, I'm done venting for the moment.

No. Wait. There's more to this diatribe.

I've discovered I am Aunt Ruby. I realize you don't have time in your busy day, what with all the Twittering and Facing going on, so I'll explain. Steve Thomas of Oneicity tells us to ask our Aunt Ruby to make a donation to our charity. Then we are to just listen, don't do any explaining, no hinting, no telling her which button to click or even how to find our website. It's even better if you can record the hunt to give.

That's me. I'm Aunt Ruby. I am floating around in the sea of technology and getting absolutely no where. I must spend a great deal of my time for work on my computer, and I really like being Aunt Ruby who can't even find the button to click to give to her niece's charity. If I were that savvy, then I'd never get any work done.

If that sounds witchy, I'm sorry. Stop already with the advancement of technology. I've been marooned on the moon with Will Robinson's robot. Danger, Will Robinson, danger. The Birds are flocking and I'm going Psycho trying to escape throug the Rear Window, but The Rope has suddenly come alive and I just know I'll go down the 39 Steps and find my self in the Family Plot.

Yeah, I would have done Twilight Zone, but I couldn't remember any names of the episodes! Oh... wait... let me pull up the internet and Google it.... yeah... that's the ticket... pass me my cell phone, I've got to make sure the battery is charged...
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