Knock out punch for the "gay gene" theory

Here is another American Psychological Assoc. admission which will go overwhelmingly under-reported because it goes against the gay agenda.

The APA states that there is actually no real evidence that there is a gene which causes homosexuality or gender confusion. Too many homosexuals have left that particular lifestyle (struggle or not, they set the lifestyle behind them) through "reparative therapy or through a relationship with Jesus Christ," so says Liberty Councils's Matt Barber.

This "gay gene" theory has been the cornerstone for the homosexual agenda for more than a decade. I remember when it came out. There was an article in Discover Magazine which showed pictures of a professed homosexual man's brain and the brain of a heterosexual man. The different colors were supposed to represent the homosexual tendencies. They received so much mail from accredited scientists, they had to retract almost the whole article in the next issue.

God changes the man or woman, it seems He can also change the minds of the APA.
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