Pastor told to quit and desist home bible study

I am all for being able to get down my street to my house. I am also for great traffic flow.

Read the article by clicking on the link above, then tell me that this was about parking!

Really now. What sheriff or police officer will knock on a person's door and ask the owner of the home if singing, praying, bible reading, in short religious activity is going on in the home? What business is it of anyone what kind of assembly is going on (unless it is homeland terrorism, of course)?

The pastor's wife said nothing was said about parking. That tells me that it wasn't about parking. it was ALL about a religious assembly.

America, we've got a problem. We have given Satan the foothold he needs and now it's all about him.

The truly sad thing is, all the persecution going on around the world has exploded the numbers of Christian believers. Persecution breeds strong feelings and we Christians just do not have those strong feelings anymore. We are sick with apathy. We'll be outraged for a second when a TV news story blasts into our living room, but we don't get passionate enough to write our congressmen, or those who are impinging upon our right to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom to worship the way we see fit. Hundreds of thousands of American boys fought and died for those rights and we're letting them slip through our fingers.
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