Craigslist gives in, will shut down Erotic Services section - Ars Technica

"Craigslist is ditching the Erotic Services..." NOT.

Isn't it lovely that Craigslist is buckling under to the pressure exerted by the feds and 40 something states' attorney generals? Yes, they are getting rid of the "in plain sight" ads, but they will be opening an adult section to Craigslist and then business as usual.

I'm not surprised since the erotic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Americans are proving over and over the god of America is Pursuit of Pleasure, no matter how temporary that pleasure is. However, Craigslist does report a 90% drop in erotic listings. That is because they can backtrack credit card and phone numbers. Interesting.

Today, the government can read the wine label off the wine bottle on your backyard table, can hear your phone conversations, and can't seem to get a handle on pornography. Ah, well. These are the times that try men's souls. (Was that Charles Dickens?)

There is some good news. The pursuit of pedophiles by NBC and ABC magazine reporters has truly paid off. Pedophile sites have dropped in number, which was reported on NBC the other day, but I can't find a source to confirm that. It makes sense though, because we certainly watched numerous men get caught (almost with their pants down), on camera pursuing underage girls. I take my hat off in congratulations to those reporters who exposed a growing problem in America with results. That's a good thing.
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