Wisdom from Sages

Charles Stanley said, "Never throw away the notes you've made while in study of the Bible. These were important enough for you to jot them down, they may be a life saver later on."

That was the one time I was blessed enough to go to Charles Stanley's church in Atlanta years ago.

Well, he was right!

I spent a few minutes each day after that rummaging through my notes from such sages as Charles Stanley, Patsy Clairmont, Luci Swindoll, James Merritt, Beth Moore, Shelia Walsh, Nicole Johnson, David Jeremiah, my pastor and others. You would think that since I've listened to all these wise people, I'd be a bit smarter!

Here are some gems,

Shelia Walsh: "God's love is never one petal short."

Nicole Johnson: "God takes thousands of things in one life that are broken and makes treasures."

Jennifer Rothchilde: "It should be, it is well with my soul, not it is well with my circumstances.
We can't use a mirror to see the standard because we always fall short. The mirror of God's Word gives us the truth.

Pastor Philip Caples: Takeaways from Jonah.. Be honest. Be open to what God is doing. Understand about realities of life and know that God controls them. Be prepared for the 180 degree turn around when you discovered you are not within God's perfect will.

Gina thought: Psalm 45:11 The King is enthralled with your beauty. My hope is in Him alone, therefore we must gain strength and truth from Him alone. Any hope in healing or in other things is false hope. God wants us to love heaven and Him more than anything here on earth. Why is that so hard for us to fathom? We place our hopes in so many different things that have no substance such as 1. A wonderful husband; 2. Beautiful children; 3. College education; 4. Beautiful home. Jesus said to lay up treasures in heaven for where lies your treasure, there lies your heart also.

Jennifer Rothchilde: "The woman of faith looks through the eyes of eternity and when she does so, the temporaries of today fade to insignificance. The things unseen are eternal things, so don't wait for it to be well with your circumstances, look for God to make it well with your soul and when it is well with your soul, how can we ask for more?"
(A note about Jennifer, she has been blind since she was a child.)
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