Filibuster, pro-abortion logic, and stupidity

Texas has some of the bravest and most wonderful people, and then there
is Sen. Wendy Davis. Talk about misdirecting and deceiving rhetoric. She went to Texas Christian University and then on to Harvard.

In Texas, as I am sure there is probably one operating in every state, there are those so-called doctors who are enthralled with killing babies. Karpen (click the link and read the story) has killed as many babies as Gosnell thought about, although the statistics are not in, yet. These late term babies are aborted and if born alive, they are murdered by Karpen.

Davis talked for a little more than 10 hours to stall a vote to prohibit abortions after 20 weeks. That is 5 months. My daughter was kicking and playing when I was five months pregnant. There was a definite heart beat. I loved her even though I didn't know if she was a girl or a boy (that was before sonograms and such. But, Davis talked and talked about a woman's right to choose to kill her baby.

Across the world people were jumping into the social media pool to give their hoo-rah's, back-slapping, and calling Davis a hero for standing up for the rights of mothers to take the lives of their babies before the babies had even taken their first breath. Davis was speaking out for the right women had to go to a back alley abortion clinic so there would be no supervision as in an ambulatory surgery clinic. She was speaking out for the right mothers had to die on the doctor's operating table too many miles from a hospital so the mothers would have no professional medical care close by to save them from a botched abortion. Davis actually said,

A lot of women resent the fact that this legislation is being voted upon by, look around this room, primarily by men," she said at one point, suggesting they were heedless of the impact of the proposed law because they don't have "the equipment." LA Times
I'm really surprised that women are not deeply angry at Davis for the filibuster. I'm bumfuzzled.

This is just another example of how much the love of man has grown cold. We live in a world that is becoming numb to life, thinks nothing of the pain and torment of little babies as their life is snuffed out. How can anyone not have a deep empathy for the helpless infants? Where is the tolerance for their rights? The unprecedented conviction of Scott Peterson on two counts of murder, his wife and his unborn child, tells me there are many more people out there who truly do understand those unborn children have a right to life. It is an inalienable right given by our Creator. Who is man, or mother, to deny that right?

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