Julian Assange and Wikileaks...

I learned in high school that very few people can be trusted. When once a "squealer" always a squealer became my alarm system. As I was grew up, I found out that tactics and schemes devised by teenagers were child's play when compared to those of adults in corporate America.

This rule applies to Julian Assange and his Wikileaks site. No country is safe from him. Since he has been able to penetrate into the secret realms of the United States, we can be sure he is busily working, just like a termite, to uncover secrets of other countries. All for a few hits on his website and to see what kind of stir he can cause. It certainly isn't responsible journalism. To even compare it to journalism is laughable in a sarcastic sort of way.

Back in the 1800's Yellow Journalism became a fashion trend, hype became the normal way to sell Dr. Quack's Stress Relief Medicine (filled with alcohol or Laudanum or both); the years  have only made the trends more slick and, for the most part, harder to detect. This sort of irresponsible bleating of secrets is nothing short of criminal. Not even Russia, nor any other cold war enemy ever used this tactic. Of course, that was war between governments and was carried on with less emotion and clearer heads.

If one does a study on this man, Assange, one will find a heinous person who advocates pornography, child exploitation, and other perverted sexual things. Therefore, one doesn't have to wonder at the appalling lack of regard for human life or societal balance this man has.

Be on the watch. He's ferreting out secrets from other countries and rest assured he will make them public. I won't be surprised if he causes a world war. It won't be the first time one man has caused world turmoil, and it won't be the last.

I am appalled that the U.S. has allowed these leaks. This is proof that the lackadaisical national security mindset of the Democrats is far from safe and in a galaxy far, far away from security of the fourth kind.
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