Birth control free under Obamacare

This month, a committee comprised of experts will meet to decide what preventive care should be provided to women free of charge under "Obama's medical overhaul".  One of the things being considered is birth control, or using the nice term, Family Planning. What it really means is abortion in its most extreme sense and contraceptives in the less extreme.

Associate Press reporter Richard Alonso-Zaldivar asks the question, "But what part of that is preventive medicine?" I'd like to know the answer to that question as well.

How many senators and representatives stood up to Pelosi and Obama declaring they would not vote to use public funds for abortions? Enough to have ground that monolith to a legislative halt. Yet, how did that amendment under the guise of women's  health make it into the bill? According to its author, Sen. Barbara Mikulski D-Md, it was clearly understood it was about family planning. Again, what is meant by family planning by every abortion clinic from here to Timbuktu? Abortion. Were the legislators horns waggled? Come now. Surely, they watch the news regularly. Surely, they knew what "family planning" meant. After all, Mikulski said it was clearly implied it was woman health. There is little doubt about the true meaning because our nation's largest provider of abortions, Planned Parenthood, is pushing their agenda in the matter.

Some physicians state emphatically that family planning saves lives and promotes health. Certainly, if we do not consider the life of the baby, that may be true. Do they mean by promoting health in the same way removing a tumor helps prevent cancer from spreading? Surely not. Yet, the morning after pill which aborts any fertilized egg is considered contraceptive by the Food and Drug Administration. Dressing it up and calling it something else doesn't change what it actually is, just like calling poop excrement doesn't change the smell.

Our society has lost so much self-control that abstinence isn't even considered as a viable solution to preventing pregnancies. Yet, it is the only contraceptive which is 100% effective that does not cause damage to the womb or death to a living human being who has no voice to say, "I want to live!"

Why was that amendment left in the bill? Because the U.S. government set a goal to reduce unplanned pregnancies by 30% by this year. The CDC also says one half of the 6,000,000 U.S. pregnancies each year are unplanned. Amazing statistics posted by the American Pregnancy Association; only 26,000 pregnancies end in a stillborn child. Does that resonate with anyone else?

I shiver to imagine what God thinks of this offering innocents to the god Convenience. How now shall we give honor to the LORD God Almighty and remain silent about those who are speechless?
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